Background Checks

Can I trust the results of a background check?

Sometimes it’s a gut feeling. Other times it takes calls to multiple references. When you’re hiring a new employee or onboarding a new volunteer, it’s important to pinpoint the ones who will prove the best fit for your organization.

You need someone you can rely on.

While resumes, character references and portfolios can reveal a lot about a person, a background check can tell you even more.

At Test Smartly Labs, we can run background checks on any individual to provide a proactive peek into their background to ensure they’re a safe fit for your organization.

What to Expect from Your Pre-Employment Background Check?

A background check provides a broader view of someone’s history and trustworthiness, helping you identify if they’re a good fit for your organization.

According to a Money Watch article on pre-employment background checks, it’s legal for you to review someone’s:

  • Criminal records – a common first place employers look
  • Credit checks – look for loan defaults, bankruptcy, etc.
  • Education, certification and licenses – many are public records
  • References (and check out social media while you’re at it)
  • Military records – rank, salary, duties and awards
  • Driving records – DUI in the past?

As a reminder – pre-employment drug testing is completely legal and a recommended part of the hiring process.

If you don’t have a trusted partner in place for background checks, contact Test Smartly Labs today.