Mobile Testing Services

Think of Uber or Dominos pizza delivery.

Within just minutes, day or night, Test Smartly Labs can provide our testing services at your location.

While a large portion of our services must be provided at our office during business hours, we maintain a fully-trained staff that’s mobile and available 24/7. Many of our clients enjoy the convenience of Mobile Testing Services. You’ll save time, increase productivity, and create a more efficient process for your organizational testing needs.

If an emergency or crisis arises, we get on the scene in no time. A number of our tests can be performed on-site whether it’s at the scene of an accident, your home, or workplace.

If you need us – we’ll be there.

Common On-Site Tests We Can Perform

We can provide a number of services on-site, but the most common reasons we deploy our mobile team include:

  • Pre-employment screening on the spot for job applicants
  • Reasonable suspicion testing
  • Biometric screenings for workplace wellness
  • Random drug testing
  • Educational trainings on drug and alcohol abuse for your workplace
  • Consultations to design a drug and alcohol testing program
  • In-home collections for non-legal use of drug and DNA tests

Mobile testing can come in handy, and we have the tools to provide accurate results every time. All you have to do is give us a call.