Prolactin Testing

Prolactin is a hormone produced in the pituitary gland, and it’s often associated with breastfeeding. Although both men and women produce prolactin in small amounts, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers have much more.

The American Association for Chemical Chemistry explains a doctor may request prolactin testing when:

  • There’s an issue with a new mom trying to breastfeed but having trouble
  • Someone is lactating (but not intending to)
  • Women are experiencing infertility, menopause or other aging signs
  • Men are experiencing reduced libido
  • They are suspicious of a major problem contributing to symptoms

Prolactin testing can be performed as a single test but is often part of an infertility panel of tests a doctor may suggest.

We encourage you to work with a medical doctor to determine the tests you need and how to interpret and take action based on results.

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