Pregnancy Testing with Fetal Age

Think you might be pregnant? Curious how far along you are? Want to control the entire process because you’re still taking it in? Ready to unveil your due date?

We’re here to help!

Test Smartly Labs offers a blood-drawn pregnancy test that can accurately determine the baby’s fetal age.

This means you’ll:

  • Get a blood test to confirm your positive store-bought urine test
  • Find out your baby’s estimated stage of development (and calculate when you’re due!)

This is a great option for those not yet ready to call the doctor’s office, but hoping to confirm pregnancy – and quickly!

How long do results take?

You’ll need to come into Test Smartly Labs to have your blood drawn. We will send it off for analysis, and results are typically available within 24 to 72 hours.

Need to use the test results in court?

No problem.

We follow chain-of-custody procedure so you’ll have the appropriate legal documentation. To get started, contact us today.