Comprehensive Heavy Metals Testing

Heavy metals are naturally-occurring elements. Although they come from the earth, they can be dangerous to humans in large and small quantities.

There are many heavy metals out there. However, some are known to cause serious health problems. These include:

People become exposed to heavy metals in a variety of ways:

  • Drinking water
  • Being around construction and building materials
  • Consuming off-the-shelf products, herbs and foods
  • Breathing air

What happens if you’re exposed to heavy metals?

Most exposure to heavy metals is passive. This can cause many health problems including death if it’s not caught and treated.

Unhealthy exposure to heavy metals has led to know
liver and kidney problems, musculoskeletal pains, GI disorders, reproductive concerns as well as complications in the central nervous system and even DNA.

Common Heavy Metals Panel Tests

Heavy Metals Profile Basic

Heavy Metals Comprehensive Profile

At Test Smartly Labs, we can run a comprehensive test to determine if you have unhealthy amounts of the most common harmful heavy metals in your bloodstream. Or, we can check for certain metals one at a time. Call today to schedule an appointment.