Anabolic Steroid Testing

Anabolic steroid testing analyzes hormone levels. It can be useful if you want to know the general condition of your health or you’re experiencing symptoms of aging.

Steroids are often associated with illegal drug use, but our bodies produce something called “anabolic androgenic steroids.” These are made from testosterone and completely normal and healthy.

Both men and women produce testosterone (although men have much higher levels).

The normal effects of steroids in our bodies can make us stronger as they work to strengthen bones, build muscle, trim physique, and improve athletic performances whether we’re running or lifting weights. This is why steroids are commonly abused in younger individuals, especially athletes hoping to enhance their performance.

Men experiencing the effects of aging or those who’ve used steroids illegally commonly experience a decrease in this hormone, but women often see increases.

This can bring about a slew of aging side effects and may require medical attention.

If your body’s hormone levels aren’t normal, you may need to discuss hormone therapy with your doctor to reduce your risk of serious disease.

Test Smartly Labs can perform blood sampling and help get you what you need to review your anabolic steroid levels with your medical doctor.

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