Environmental Allergy Testing

Along with seasonal allergies, particles in your everyday environment could be causing your allergy attacks.

Other causes of environmental allergies include:

Your Pets

Unfortunately, dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals can be the cause of allergy attacks. Pet dander is a top allergen – even if you vacuum a lot!

Before you take drastic measures when it comes to being around pets, get allergy tested to know exactly what’s causing your symptoms.

We offer a blood test you can use to determine which pet is causing your allergic reaction.

Dust in the Home

Housekeeping aside, there may be allergens in your home causing your severe sinus headaches and nasal discomfort.

Many are genuinely allergic to things like dust and mold – things not uncommon to find in someone’s home (especially if you’re busy like most of America!)

Whether you need the test as motivation to hire a housecleaner or as a reason to ask your spouse to clean more – an allergy test can let you know exactly what’s causing your discomfort.

Today, allergy tests can be performed with a simple blood draw that looks for many substances that may be causing your allergic reactions.

Let us help you get the allergy test you need so you can enjoy relief! Check out our most common allergy panels.