Steroid Testing

Both the perceived threat and actual usage of anabolic steroids has fluctuated over time, much in part because of reports of athletes and their steroid use. But over the past few decades, most professional athletes are punished for their usage of steroids – and that’s because they’re usually prohibited.

Regardless of the negative exposure steroid usage receives, some individuals, particularly teens, are tempted to use them.

Males and females both use steroids. Men find them attractive to make their muscles bigger and voices deeper. Some girls take steroids to modify their menstrual cycles and decrease breast size.

Is your teenager using steroids?

It is never a bad idea to keep a close watch on your adolescent – even if they are a star-studded college athlete or nation champion.

Even if they aren’t abusing illegal drugs such as cocaine and marijuana, it doesn’t mean steroids aren’t being used. Watch your teen carefully and look for the signs.

Should you suspect steroid use and need to make sure, contact Test Smartly Labs today. We offer testing for individuals and athletic programs.