Reasonable Suspicion Testing

If you suspect an employee is using drugs or alcohol and violating your Drug Free Workplace program, this could be terms to do reasonable suspicion drug testing.

Whether you’ve witnessed signs yourself or other colleagues have reported (and documented it), you may find yourself needing a drug testing partner to confirm someone has been under the influence. This can also come into play after an accident. Other names for this are “for-cause” or “probable-cause.”

Reasonable suspicion testing is another critical component of maintaining a Drug Free Workplace program and Test Smartly Labs can help.

When should you do reasonable suspicion testing?

There are physical signs that may indicate someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Some include:

  • Shaking, tremors, shivering, sweating, cannot sit still or unusual behavior
  • Physical appearance is off – whether they’re not showering, clothes are ragged, unusual odors
  • Their eyes are bloodshot or dilated
  • They’re slurring speech or not walking straight

There may also be situations where an employee is not behaving like themselves (mood swings, tardiness, unpredictable, unreliable) that cause for concern.

If you or a colleague notice a change in behavior and suspect drug or alcohol abuse, you must document it objectively before you do a reasonable suspicion drug test.

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