Random Drug Testing Programs

Random drug testing is most frequently used when a school or employer enforces a zero-tolerance policy for drug usage.

During random drug testing, people who get evaluated are truly chosen randomly. Test Smartly Labs offers confidence in an indiscriminate selection every time. People who get tested don’t receive advance note, so there’s less risk of tampering.

Random drug testing may also be carried out by individuals.

Whether it’s a court case involving marital or custody agreements or a scenario where a drug or alcohol abuser voluntarily submits to random testing, Test Smartly Labs is here to help individuals as well as businesses. On demand, a random drug test could be requested and performed. Test Smartly Labs offers results you can count on.

Random Drug Testing Teens

Some might find it cruel to put adolescents through random drug testing. Nonetheless, it often proves to be an effective way to keep teens away from drugs. As we have worked with clients on establishing random drug testing for students, we have witnessed firsthand the following advantages:

  • Teens that understand they might be drug tested stand up to peer pressure more readily and say “NO” to drugs.
  • Teens believe “no tolerance” will be enforced
  • Drug offenders are caught and disciplined

DOT Random Drug Testing

For many workers in transport occupations that fall under DOT law, random drug testing is required.The Department of Transportation mandates that employees in safety-sensitive positions are randomly tested during the year.

Workplace Random Testing

Randomly testing employees for alcohol or drug usage is a crucial part of almost any Drug-Free Workplace. If you are dedicated to the maintenance of a zero-tolerance policy, then random testing ought to be a part of your schedule.

Test Smartly Labs has experience you can count on, and we maintain a strict chain-of-custody with our Random Drug Testing Programs. Call today for accurate results on a consistent basis.