Designer Drug Testing

A good deal of drugs, though prohibited, come from plants. Alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana, for example, have organic properties.

Designer drugs are medications which people make by using the plant-based drugs and changing using chemistry. This is usually performed in a secret, unregulated lab. Many times, manufacturers are producing their own recipes and formulas to produce drugs from an assortment of legal and prohibited ingredients.

These are the sorts of drugs you may hear about being used in nightclubs, providing them the nickname “club drugs.” Ecstasy (MDMA), meth, and “roofies” all fall into this class.


These drugs are extremely dangerous.

Not only are they hard to control, designer drug side effects are also quite dangerous and potentially fatal.

Is your child using designer drugs?

Even though it’s frightening and bothersome, as a parent, it is important to get involved should you suspect your child is using designer drugs. We provide a collection of drug tests that specifically detect synthetic drug usage.

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