Teen Drug and Alcohol Testing

Teenage alcohol and drug use: it is a problem, and not a new one. For decades, America has fought to keep its young generations off drugs and away from the liquor cabinets.
What’s especially disturbing is the introduction of “new” drugs such as synthetic drugs and bath salts (which are far more toxic), and the growth of teens also abusing prescription drugs.

How common is adolescent drug use now?

  • Young men and women are less concerned about the hazards of using prescription drugs since they’re widely used for legitimate purposes.
  • Similarly, cold and cough medications used to get high (which generally contain dextromethorphan) increased significantly among 8th graders to a yearly average of 2.6 percent.
  • Alcohol is still the substance most widely used by today’s teens.


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The best way to test teens for alcohol and drugs

Whether you are a parent trying to find honest answers or a caseworker, social worker or specialist working with juveniles – Test Smartly Labs can help. We have expertise in analyzing teens for alcohol and drug use and can enable you to reach the bottom of things – fast.
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