Urine Alcohol Testing

Urine alcohol testing, also known as EtG and EtS testing, offers businesses, attorneys, and judicial systems important information needed to make some of the toughest choices. This method is often preferred for a couple of reasons. For starters, they don’t require invasive techniques such as drawing blood with a needle. They can also reveal alcohol usage up to 80 hours following consumption.

Longer Detection Than Breath and Blood Tests

As we continue to innovate new ways to expand technology, labs are able to retrieve highly-intricate information. A urine alcohol test can produce a very revealing consumption history spanning for more than three days. We can help employers who assign safety-sensitive positions keep workers safe.

Urine Testing Legal Uses

Drug court officers, counselors in treatment facilities, and other caring professionals rely on reliable urine alcohol testing results, and our staff is able to deliver consistency. Just some of the many benefits of this method include:

  • Greater accuracy with both EtG and EtS testing
  • Excellent for inclusion in comprehensive workplace policies
  • Great for the revelation of usage in the past three to four days
  • Effective tool for monitoring alcohol program participants

Our staff respects the sensitivity of the services we perform, and we know lives are at stake every time we produce results. Rely on our combination of skills and experience in your urine alcohol testing to make properly-informed decisions.