ETG Hair Alcohol Testing

When you drink alcohol, your body processes it in the same way it would a burger, fries and shake – it breaks it down. But part of the process of breaking down alcohol involves releasing something called the EtG metabolite into the body.

This metabolite travels all through the bloodstream and can be measured and detected in many of the same ways drug testing can be performed. Not only does EtG show up in the urine, it can also appear in the hair.

How does EtG hair testing work?

Collecting a sample of hair and testing it for EtG is an extremely reliable way to determine if someone has consumed alcohol. The process works a lot like hair follicle drug testing. We only need a pencil-sized sample of hair to get started, rarely do we need more.

The hair is processed in a laboratory by getting mixed with chemicals that are analyzed for the presence of the EtG metabolite within the hair shaft.

What are the advantages to EtG hair testing?

  • Tamper-proof:  you can’t cheat a hair test, this is an extremely reliable way to determine if someone drank alcohol.
  • Months upon months: other alcohol tests can only let you know if someone drank within the past day or week… this one picks up months.
  • Variety of uses: This can be requested for court-ordered testing, or in DUI cases.

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