Alcohol Testing

Alcohol is legal when used responsibly. Those who abuse or misuse this substance put others and themselves at serious risk. Alcohol use by minors opens up a number of issues that can follow kids far into the future.

If you think someone who shouldn’t has been using alcohol, Test Smartly Labs is here to guide you toward the right alcohol testing for your needs.

Picking the Right Alcohol Testing Method

Situations vary. Whether you need to determine a pattern of use over a long period or need to test for the very recent past, there are a variety of drug tests available. Our staff is here to help you analyze the properties of each and help you decide which will offer the type of results you’re looking for. Some we offer here at our labs include:

  • Blood alcohol tests
    • Highly reliable and accurate results
    • Can be expensive
  • Breath alcohol tests (Most Common)
    • Commonly known as a breathalyzer
    • Non-intrusive
    • Indirectly measures Blood Alcohol Content
  • Urine alcohol tests
    • Least expensive option
    • Tests for ethyl glucuronide
  • Hair alcohol test
    • Great method if you need to determine long-term use

Here to Lead the Way

We understand most people seeking out alcohol testing services are facing a stressful situation. That’s why we take the time to educate you on your options. Depending on your circumstances, we can help you arrive at the most viable solution to meet your budget, so call today.