Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Need to reveal long-term substance abuse? Hair follicle drug testing is an effective measure that carries a high degree of accuracy, and it can be an effective method for safety-critical positions in a zero-tolerance drug use workplace policy.

How it Drugs End Up in the Hair Shaft

When consumed, drug traces enter the bloodstream. Some of these metabolites make their way to the hair shaft via the bloodstream and remain trapped their as the hair grows. With a sample around the diameter of a pencil, these metabolites can be detected.  .

Hair Test Facts

  • Results available within 3-5 business days
  • Hair taken from crown of head, placed in chemical solution to remove contaminants, liquefied, and tested
  • Can accurately reveal drug use within a 14-90 day detection window
  • Accuracy percentage high since there are no proven ways to tamper with a hair drug test
  • Ideal for chronic drug use

Great for Long-Term Use Detection

Just as is the case with toe and fingernails, hair is made of keratin. Metabolites of drugs and alcohol can be detected within hair fibers for up to three months. This can make Hair Drug Testing a great option for monitoring individuals in treatment programs.

Our staff has state-of-the-art equipment to be used in efficient hair drug testing. Call to learn more today.