Comprehensive Illegal Drug Testing

If you operate a business, it’s important to understand that your workforce can be one of your biggest liabilities. Failure to implement a consistent drug testing policy can result in a reputation that attracts risky job applicants. Our staff is here to ensure your employees have an incentive to avoid risky behavior with Comprehensive Illegal Drug Testing

Assessing the Many Commonly-Abused Substances

There are a variety of drugs being abused, making it vital to keep an eye out for a wide assortment of substances.  This can allow you to eliminate the wrong candidates early in the hiring process.  Our team is able to assist you in identifying drug trends in your region and devise an effective protocol to provide the most benefit to your organization.  Not only does this reduce injuries and liabilities, but it also helps promote positive morale across the workforce.

Comprehensive Illegal Drug Testing- Who’s It For?

The Comprehensive Illegal Drug Tests at Test Smartly Labs can screen for as many as 700 pharmaceutical and illegal substances. While non-negative results do not signify the test subject has used a particular drug, it raises warning flags and enables you to identify potential issues early on. Whether you need guidance in the development of a workplace testing policy or are concerned with the possibility of drug use by an individual, the staff here at Test Smartly Labs has the tools and experience to provide reliable answers you can count on. Call now for results you can trust.