Cocaine Drug Testing

Cocaine use comes with a variety of negative side effects. We often attribute use with anxiety and hostility, but it can also lead to heart attack, stroke, seizure, or sudden death.

Cocaine use impacts more than just the user. It can cause trouble in the family and pose serious risks on the job. If you’re in need of cocaine drug testing results you can rely on, the staff here at Test Smartly Labs is here to walk you through our options.

Understanding Dosage and Frequency

It’s important to understand the dosage and usage frequency of the test subject makes a difference, and our staff helps you understand how this works. The body must go through the process of metabolizing cocaine following use, and larger doses take longer. If you suspect a high-frequency user, metabolite build-ups are more easily detectable. We can help you choose a cost-effective solution that’ll reveal the results you’re interested in.

Efficient Testing Options

Need to reveal frequent use? Maybe you only suspect a test subject has used cocaine once or twice. We can help you go through the following options for the one that’ll work best for your needs:

  • Single use
    • Single use can be difficult to detect whether using urine or hair tests.  A saliva test could be most effective.
  • High dosage
    • Hair tests can detect use over the past 90 days and nail tests could detect further back in time
  • Frequent use
    • While a hair test can certainly detect frequent use, a urine test will often provide the results you’re looking for. Saliva is also a good option.

The staff here at Test Smartly Labs is here to walk you through your options. Call today for results you can count on.