Paternity Testing

Am I the dad?

It is a frequent question these days – particularly considering that, based on the CDC, 40 percent of girls who give birth aren’t married. (Though a person’s marital status doesn’t necessarily signify the biological father is unknown.)

If you need a reliable paternity test, we can assist.

How can I get a paternity test?

Whether you’re a man trying to determine if a child is yours or a woman insistent that the child is his, the following procedure is necessary for accuracy:

  • Testing needs ordered. This can be requested by the alleged father, the mother, or even the courts. The child in question may request testing, but they must be 18 years or older. To arrange a paternity test, give us a call.
  • The test is put on the calendar. Next, we schedule an appointment as Paternity Testing services are usually not available on a walk-in basis. In the case test results will be used as proof in court, we follow a strict chain-of-custody for accurate results you can trust.
  • DNA samples have been collected. In a best-case scenario, the potential father, mother, and child are available to be sampled. The mother’s involvement, however, isn’t mandatory. Sample collection doesn’t need to take place at precisely the same place or time. The most frequent way we gather samples is through a painless cheek swab.
  • Outcomes are delivered. The samples are examined by AABB-accredited labs which run a comprehensive report. Samples are processed twice to guarantee accuracy. According to who ordered the evaluation and how it’ll be utilized, private results will be sent. When results are included in a court or immigration situation, we’ll make certain they are sent straight to the necessary parties.

Results are available within 2-3 days.

How accurate is a paternity test?

99.99 percent – this is how precise our paternity tests are. Just how and why?

Because Test Smartly Labs…

Isn’t a do-it-yourself testing provider. You may purchase a box on the world wide web; however, there are limits on precision. If you are going to perform a paternity test, be certain trained professionals involved. This best ensures you’re getting results you can rely on to save you a good deal of psychological stress. Do not rely on yourself with this one.

Follows Chain-of-Custody processes. This implies we follow a procedure that’s attentive and intended – a procedure which has got our partner labs certification – so you may use the outcomes in courts as proof.

Utilizes only AABB-certified Labs. This means we follow high standards and have earned certification with this federally-recognized organization – the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) to be precise. You can trust our sample selection, reporting, and analysis procedure meets requirements in laboratory testing.

Double-Checks. The lab we utilize to process samples individually assesses them twice and compares the information for consistency prior to running the report. Test results are reliable and accurate.