Maternity Testing

A maternity test is performed much like a paternity test to find out whether a woman is a child’s biological mother.

When is this needed?

Most often, maternity testing is requested in immigration cases. It’s also not unusual to need this evaluation in adoption cases – occasionally an adopted child will turn to maternity testing to confirm whether a woman is his/her birth mother.

In rare occasions, Maternity Testing may be used to prevent maternity mixups that do occur in hospitals across the country.

What is needed for accurate Maternity Testing?

A Maternity Test requires a valid sample of DNA (usually obtained through a cheek swab) from the child and the mother. If that isn’t possible, testing grandparents can sometimes work.

To request Maternity Testing with accurate results, call our office and schedule a consultation.

We’ll work with you to collect the samples – you don’t need to schedule sample collection at precisely the same time. Our staff will to make certain every step of the process follows necessary protocols.

It’s important to understand:

If you need results for legal purposes, we will need you to visit our office for sample collection. We only use AABB-accredited labs, which means results meet the strictest requirements in laboratory testing, You can rest-assured results are 99.9% accurate.

Results are usually available in 2-3 days.

To schedule your Maternity Test, call us today.