DNA Matching

DNA Matching is a viable option if you’re attempting to ascertain your ancestors – and the staff here at Test Smartly Labs can provide accurate results you can rely on.

We perform DNA Matching in all our DNA tests – a painless cheek swab is all we need to begin.

In DNA Matching, a few of the testing methods we can employ include:

  • A Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) test: Evaluates only the male Y chromosome. This can prove beneficial if you have suspicions about family lines based on stories or documents. For example, our results can help you trace last names or tie your family to certain people, groups, or tribes.
  • A mitochondrial DNA test: Evaluates female chromosomes only. This test can be utilized to put suspicions about maternal biological connections to rest.
  • An autosomal DNA test: This method is for anybody and offers a broader look at your DNA. It assesses around one million genetic markers and matches as far back as 10 generations. This test is useful in inheritance DNA testing.

For more information about DNA matching, visit the University College London’s information.

What will DNA Matching tell us?

DNA Matching can offer the information necessary to answer a number of questions:

  • Ancestry – Learn more about your heritage! An ancestry test will tell you a good deal about your family tree. Discover where your loved ones originated!
  • Ethnicity – Works like ancestry testing, though ethnicity testing frequently encompasses nationality, tribes, religious backgrounds, and cultural roots.

Ready to learn more about your heritage? Call Test Smartly Labs today to schedule your DNA Matching today.