Inheritance & Estate DNA Testing

Do you have rights to an inheritance? Want to find out for sure?

In the instances where a biological connection is needed to establish somebody’s inheritance rights, Test Smartly Labs can help.

We assisted parents, kids, and extended family members receive the evidence they need as they divide and/or delegate the family’s wealth and assets.

While we would like to believe this is a simple process, it is often quite complex.

When a DNA test will be of help to your family as you work through your financial affairs, let us know. Our Inheritance & Estate DNA Testing follows proper chain-of-custody process, so call and schedule yours today.

As far as the order of inheritance, most states will give preference to someone’s spouse. Next in line comes a person’s children, parents, siblings and grandparents.

If you need proof showing you’re biologically related to someone (and therefore entitled to their inheritance), contact us for  a DNA test.